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Blue Star Sapphire 101.01 Carats

This stone was purchased by my father M. Ibrahim. M. Sammoon in Hong Kong in March 1969 for US$ 5,000.00, it weighed 129.40 carats.

The star sapphire came with a heavy bottom, but the colour and the ray was in the upper part. He re-cut the stone himself to the final weight of 101.01 carats.

My good friend and buyer, Mr. Gus Miller of Miller and Vic Inc., New York came in as a partner with me on this, and we sold the stone to Mr. Ernie Moser of Moser Brothers, San Francisco for US$7,000.00.

In 1976 Mr. Moser wanted to know what the stone would be worth.  I told him that I can sell it for $ 300.00 per ct.  He came back to say that the stone was sold to a collector and that they only wanted a valuation.

At 101.01 ct, the Star of Ceylon is representative of a high quality star sapphire.

Since then, we had lost track of the Star Ceylon until we found that it was in the hands of a Richard Allen, residing in Arizona, USA.  Currently, we are in contact with Mr. Allen to trace the history of the Star of Ceylon and he says he has an interesting story to tell us of how the stone came into his position at the Tucson Gem Show several years ago.   We will add the story as we get it.

I did mention to Mr. Allen, that it’s a pity that of all the fine Gems I sold I only named this stone.

Naji Sammoon

April 21, 2003

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