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Sapphire Cutters (Pvt) Ltd., is rooted in history, dating back to 1890, when two young men from the famous Port City of Galle, Ceylon decided to go to the New World - Australia to sell the world famous Ceylon Sapphire.

They were Ibrahim Sammoon's Paternal Uncle Prince Salie and his Maternal Uncle Charlie Hamid. They had Great Success.  Prince Salie expanded his business to the United States and Charlie Hamid established HAMID BROS. in Melbourne.

Ibrahim Sammoon began his career in the Gemstone industry in Ceylon in the early 1930s, where he bought Rough Sapphires from the world famous Ratnapura Gem mines. The Cut & Polished Gems were exported to Australia.

With good sales in Australia he decided to expand his business. In 1963 he incorporated Gem Art International - Hong Kong.

His son, Naji Sammoon was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.

Gem Art International supplied Cut & Polished Gemstones to buyers from America, Australia, Europe and Japan, which proved to be highly successful.  And in 1967 he opened a Lapidary employing 30 Chinese Cutters for the cutting of calibrated Ceylon Star Sapphires and Australian Opals.

By 1973 gem mining in Sri Lanka increased and many valuable gems were found.  The buyers wanted to buy directly from the mines.  With years of family experience in the Trade, Naji Sammoon established Sapphire Gem Cutters, Colombo.

The company bought rough Sapphires and cut them to bring out the best in each stone. By 1975, many overseas buyers were buying through the Sri Lanka office. Sapphire Gem Cutters was later incorporated as Sapphire Cutters (Pvt) Ltd.

The Buying Office in China Fort, Beruwela, Sri Lanka facilitates Visiting Overseas Gem Buyers. Just as in Chanthaburi, Thailand – Ratnapura & Beruwela are the Main GEM trading areas.

Today, Sapphire Cutters, a family owned business has become a dependable supplier of  well cut good quality Gemstones, certified as  NATURAL or  ONLY HEATED by well reputed GIA and FGA qualified Gemmologists.

Naji Sammoon is Chairman of Sapphire Cutters and his son Armil Sammoon with worldwide experience has taken over the reins as Managing Director.

Naji’s wife Fareeda, son Shamil and Armil’s wife Sarrah are Directors  and involved in the day to day running of the company.

Daughter Najeema Aboosalih,a FGA qualified Gemmologist is Consultant.

Her husband Shahin Aboosalih and  his brother Ruzaik, well known among the Japanese & Brazilian GEM dealers own SR TRADING ,Tokyo dealing in Fine Sapphires & Tanzanite.

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